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Electrical Powerpack


  • Simple and robust operation.
  • Very little training for the operator needed. Set up in less than a minute.
  • High pressure pump for pulling toughest jobs.
  • Compact and lightweight gun and powerpack.
  • Removes tube without damage.
  • Low set up time / ease of operation.
  • Available with choice of electric / pneumatic operation.
  • Automatic switchover from low pressure to high pressure.
  • Interchangeable pulling gun accessories compatible with existing systems on the market.
  • Single man operation.

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Model NumberVolts / PhasePower (hp)Oil Tank Capacity (ltrs)MotorHyd. Hoses Air SupplyPriceBuy
SPPP-300 (Pneumatic)410Gast1/4" x 5 Twin Jack Hose180 CFM AT 7 BAR $12,482.00
STPP-300 (Electric)230/1210Crompton1/4" x 5 Twin Jack Hose $12,008.00