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TUBE EXPANDERS The design and manufacturing of Condenser and Boiler tube      expanders have been pioneered by Powermaster.
Competitively priced will offer you the best value for
     money by a long margin!
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PNEUMATIC ROLLING DRIVERS Lightweight aluminium body.
Ergonomically correct push/pull throttle.
Automatically stops tube expansion at defined setting.
Precision control measures torque output.
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SPLIT FRAME MACHINES Externally mounted split frame with clamshell type light and
     portable design.
Rugged and slim machine suitable for tubes and pipes.
New generation heavy duty facing, bevelling and cutting machine.

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Behind the scenes, Powermaster is a family of
tea-drinkers and tool-fanatics.

Powermaster products are used in over 120 countries worldwide. They are sold through a network of over 90 distributors worldwide, Powermaster direct sales offices and exclusive sales agents.

With its broad product offering with each product line being distinctly housed and managed by a team of professional managers, Powermaster is positioned well to take advantage of the numerous opportunities that lie ahead in its journey.

Tube Expanders

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