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Push Type Tube Cutters

Push Type Tube Cutter


  • POWERMASTER “Push Type” Internal Tube Cutters quickly cuts through the walls of ferrous tubes in Condensers and Heat Exchangers as a step in their removal from the tube sheet.
  • This sturdy “Push Type” Internal Tube Cutters can be used with a portable Electric or Air Drill Motor.
  • The replaceable cutting bit can be interchanged in a few seconds. Standard adjustable reach is 4”(101.6mm) and they are available in optional increments of 2”(50.8mm). “A” reach = 6”(152.4mm). “B” reach = 8”(203.2mm). “C” reach = 10”(254.0mm) etc.
  • All Tube Cutters come with a complete set of pilots covering the entire range of tube thickness for a particular tube O.D. (ATP-625 tube cutters come with a built in pilot suitable for one tube ID only.)All Tube Cutters are available for MM tube sizes also. Please enquire.

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Model NumberTube O.D. (inch)Tube Gauge (bwg)PriceBuy
ATP-10001"12-22 $510.00
ATP-12501.1/4"12-22 $564.00
ATP-15001.1/2"12-22 $593.00
ATP-6255/8"14-22 $447.00
ATP-7503/4"14-22 $447.00
ATP-8757/8"14-22 $510.00