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Ideal for quick facing of projected tube ends in heat exchangers, condensers and boilers.


  • Tool bits coated with Titanium Nitride to give 3 times the life of conventional tool bits.
  • Ideal for quick facing of projecting tube ends in heat exchangers, condensers and boilers.
  • One size of tool is suitable for use on multiple tube thicknesses by interchanging pilot. (TEF-375 is the exception with the tool suitable for one tube ID only).
  • Each tool is supplied with a set of multiple pilots to cover all tube thicknesses.
  • Tube end facers for MM sizes of tubes also available.

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Product categories
Tube O.D. (mm) inch
Tube Thickness
Model NumberTube O.D. (mm) inchTube Thickness (bwg)PriceBuy
TEF-1000(25.40) 1"18-Nov $103.00
TEF-1125(28.57) 1.1/8"18-Nov $149.00
TEF-1250(31.75) 1.1/4"18-Nov $188.00
TEF-1375(34.92) 1.3/8"18-Nov $188.00
TEF-1500(38.10) 1.1/2"18-Nov $188.00
TEF-1625(41.27) 1.5/8"18-Nov $188.00
TEF-1750(44.45) 1.3/4"18-Nov $188.00
TEF-1875(47.62) 1.7/8"18-Nov $237.00
TEF-2000(50.80) 2"18-Nov $237.00
TEF-2250(57.15) 2.1/4"18-Nov $263.00
TEF-2500(63.50) 2.1/2"18-Nov $263.00
TEF-375(9.53) 3/8"16-22 $132.00
TEF-500(12.70) 1/2"15-20 $93.10
TEF-625(15.87) 5/8"14-18 $93.00
TEF-750(19.05) 3/4"18-Oct $93.00
TEF-875(22.22) 7/8"13-18 $103.00