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Knockout Tool

Knockout Tool


  • Used with pneumatic chipping hammer to knock out tubes / tube stubs from tube sheet.
  • Tube Drift / Knockout Tool is available in 01 and 06 shanks as standard. 15 (Jumbo) shank available on request.
  • Suffix model number with tube gauge and shank when ordering. Example for 3/4” O.D. 16G, 06 shank, model number will be KT-750-16-06.
  • Tube Drift / Knockout Tool is available for mm tube sizes also. Please enquire.
  • Standard reach of this Tube Drift / Knockout Tool is 6”. Longer reaches are available.

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Model NumberTube O.D. (inch)PriceBuy
KT-10001" $90.00
KT-12501.1/4" $110.00
KT-15001.1/2" $126.00
KT-17501.3/4" $142.00
KT-20002" $162.00
KT-3753/8" $73.00
KT-5001/2" $73.00
KT-6255/8" $73.00
KT-7503/4" $73.00
KT-8757/8" $81.00