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About Power Master

Tube Expanders


POWERMASTER was founded in 1972 with Tube Expanders as its only product. By 1980, Powermaster had expanded into Tube Cleaning equipment for boilers and pans in sugar mills. In 1984, when the automotive industry started showing the first signs of liberalizing, Powermaster looked to broaden its product offerings to cater to these new opportunities. Keeping in mind its founding principles of its ability to add value to its customers, Powermaster designed and started selling a line of Spring Balancers used to effortlessly suspend loads. The spring balancers found application in the fast growing automobile industry. At the request of our automotive customers, Powermaster engineers developed other products to be used in the automotive industry including Impact Sockets, Torque Wrenches and Multipliers. This led to the birth of Powermaster’s third and most successful division, the Bolting Product line.

The 1990’s were a decade of filling gaps in the Tube Tool product line, establishing worldwide distribution channels and growing Powermaster’s Tube Tool division into the largest producer of these products in the world.

All along, Powermaster continued to focus on cost, and it was able to convert hundreds of customers worldwide into Powermaster customers by offering some of the lowest prices in the industry.

Today, a majority of Powermaster customers have been purchasing their products from the company for more than a decade.

Tube Expanders
Tube Expanders

In 2000, Powermaster began looking for ways to “move up the value chain, “as older products ran the risk of becoming “commoditized”. With increased oil refining capacity across the world, a greater emphasis was being placed on energy security; it was time to think about broadening the Bolting product line. Powermaster products were already being used in refineries, power plants and other heavy industries all over the world. These industries often needed more specialized and automated tools for maintenance. It made sense to broaden the product offering to include Bolt Tensioners, Nut Cutters and Flange Spreading equipment. The Bolt Tensioner product line, showed remarkable growth, which led to sub-lines of Tensioners for Turbines, Sub Sea flanges, Windmills and other specialized applications. The tube and pipe facing and beveling machines were a perfect fit for existing customers and helped introduce another vertical for Powermaster in 2005.

2011 marked the introduction of the Hydraulic Torque Wrench product line which was the only gap in one of the most comprehensive maintenance product lines available from any manufacturer in the world.

Powermaster was now able to cater to the complex requirements of customers, offering end to end solutions when it came to bolting and maintenance related activity.

Tube Expanders
Tube Expanders


Powermaster products are used in over 120 countries worldwide. Internationally they are sold through a network of over 90+ distributors, direct sales offices and exclusive sales agents. Offering a broad range of products, with each product line being distinctly housed and managed by a team of professional managers, Powermaster is well positioned to take advantage of the numerous opportunities that lie ahead in its journey.

Powermaster America was formed in 2019 to address the growing needs of the North American region, and is looking to build on Powermaster’s journey in launching innovative and reliable products at competitive pricing to serve the ever evolving customer requirements.