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Pulling Powerpack

Pulling Powerpack


  • Hydraulic Tube Pulling gun communicates with powerpack via Pulling Gun . This ensures safety and eliminates the need of electrical cord between pump and gun that other manufacturers provide.
  • Available with a choice of Electric-TPP System or Pneumatic-PPP System for hazardous, explosive working environments.
  • Microprocessor controls on powerpack and hydraulic tube pulling gun ensure trouble free life.
  • Removes tube without any damage to tube sheet.
  • Low setup time and ease of operation

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Product categories
Model NumberVolts / PhasePower (hp)Oil Tank Capacity (ltrs)Air SupplyDim. (mm)Hyd. Hoses PriceBuy
PPP-50 (Pneumatic)-990180 CFM AT 7 BAR1200 x 750 x 9901/2" x 5 & 3/4" x 5 $29,654.00
TPP-50415 / 3590-1200 x 750 x 9901/2" x 5 & 3/4" x 5 $18,594.00